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Regional Deputy Prosecutors General's Offices

Placed immediately after the top body – i.e. the Prosecutor General’s Office‑ within the hierarchical structure, each of the four Regional Deputy Prosecutors General’s Offices headquartered in LisboaPortoCoimbraÉvora).

The Regional Deputy Prosecutors General’s Offices shall be responsible for representing the Public Prosecution Service at the Court of Appeal and at the Central Administrative Court and for directing, coordinating and supervising the activity of the Public Prosecution Service within its respective territorial area (articles 65(1)(2) and 66 of the Statute of the Public Prosecution Service/SPPS and its Annex I.

The Regional Deputy Prosecutors General’s Offices includes the Prosecutors General's Office of the Court of Appeal, the Prosecutors General's Office on the Central Administrative Court, the regional DCIP and other regional departments; and oversees the County District Prosecutor’s Offices and the Administrative and Tax State Prosecutors’ Offices (article 65 (3) of the SPPS).

Each of the Regional Deputy Prosecutors General’s Offices is headed by a Deputy Prosecutors General, who becomes entitled Regional Deputy Prosecutor General (article 67(1) EMP). The Regional Deputy Prosecutor General, who is appointed by the High Council of the Public Prosecution Service, upon a proposal from the Prosecutor General, holds his or her office on temporary assignment (article 173 of the SPPS) and has the powers laid down in article 66 SPPS.

The Regional Deputy Prosecutor General is replaced, whenever necessary, by the deputy prosecutor general appointed by him (article 67(2) of the SPPS).

Deputy prosecutors general's are assigned, as rule, to the Regional Deputy Prosecutors General's Offices, and State Prosecutors may perform supporting and advisory functions (article 67(8) of the SPPS).