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Welcoming Remarks

12 Oct 2018
Procuradora-Geral da República Lucília Gago

Upon taking office as Prosecutor General for the Portuguese Republic I wish to express my utmost pride in leading the Public Prosecution Service - our common project. I am fully convinced that a successful exercise of the powers granted to this magistracy strongly depends on the technically irreprehensible, coordinated and loyal conduct of all bodies and agents thereof.

The responsibility I have just taken on implies the respect for the guiding principles of this magistracy, such as the autonomy – corner stone of the democratic Rule of Law -, for the human values in general and for Justice in particular oriented towards the interests of the community.

The structuring of the Public Prosecution Service as a collective achievement lies on an heritage that has been shaped over the years, in particular since the establishment of the democratic regime, and presupposes hard labour, dedication, transparency  and a dignifying posture, postulates in the pursuit of which I vow to  fully commit myself.


The Prosecutor General for the Republic,
Lucília Gago