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Family, Children, Juveniles and Elders and against Domestic Violence Office

The Family, Children, Juveniles and Elders and Against Domestic Violence Office was originally created on November 8, 2017, under the name of Family, Children and Youth Office, by order of the Prosecutor General and in her direct dependence, and is seat in the Prosecutor General's Office.

Its current designation and configuration, as a National Coordination Office (cf. article 55, of the EMP) were established, on a proposal from the Prosecutor General, by deliberation of the Superior Council of the Public Ministry of 21 September 2022.

Children, young people, the elderly and victims of crime are creditors of a special right to the protection of society and the State, with a view to their global well-being, the construction of an autonomous and dignified experience and the full realization of their individual capacities, and such designs are a matter of unavoidable repercussion in the organization of a plural society, guided by the principle of human dignity.

In this broad perspective, the phenomenon of domestic violence is particularly important in the functional performance of the Public Prosecutor's Service, both in the dimension associated with the direction of the exercise of criminal proceedings, and in its broad power of initiative to guarantee the full exercise of the rights of victims of crime, aware of its special vulnerability.

The constitutional and legal powers conferred to the Public Prosecutor's Service in the field of promoting and defending the rights of children, young people, the elderly and victims of crime, require specialization of knowledge and presuppose interdisciplinary and articulation with other bodies and institutions, as well as between related jurisdictions, with an evident emphasis on family and children jurisdiction and criminal jurisdiction.

The complexity of the realities brought to the work of the Public Prosecutor's Service requires a solution transversal to several jurisdictions, which allows an integrated approach to phenomena such as domestic violence or mistreatment, adding all the interventions that can contribute to the cessation of the damage of fundamental legal interests.

Recognizing the relevance of the public interest of the Public Prosecutor's Service, there is a need to improve, deepen, stimulate and encourage the respective functional exercise, an objective that frames and guides this structure.

The Office is headed by a public prosecutor appointed by the Prosecutor General, who assumes the role of Director, and currently, the State Prosecutors Pedro Faria and Miguel Ângelo Carmo, exercise their functions.

The Office can also organize itself into a network of contact points and other organizational models considered appropriate, which can favour the exchange of information and experiences between magistrates and generate gains in their functional performance.


Director: Carlos Alberto dos Reis Rodrigues, State Prosecutor


Rua da Escola Politécnica, n.º 140, 1269-269 Lisboa-Portugall
Tel: 213 921 900
Fax: 213 975 255