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Supreme Administrative Court

The Supreme Administrative Court /SAC is the highest body in the hierarchy of the administrative and tax courts — sovereignty bodies entrusted with powers to administrate justice in disputes arising from administrative and tax legal relations —, without prejudice to the specific competence of the Constitutional Court [articles 212 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic/CPR; 1(1), 11(1) of the Statute of the Administrative and Tax Courts/SATC].

With seat in Lisbon, the SAC's powers extend throughout the territory. [article 11(2) of the SATC].

As regards the administrative and tax jurisdiction in general, it is incumbent on the Public Prosecution Service to represent the State, to defend the democratic legality and to promote the public interest implementation. For that purpose, the PPS carries the powers that the procedural law confers on it, being represented at the Supreme Administrative and Tax Court by the Prosecutor General, who may be assisted and substituted by the Vice-Prosecutor General and by deputy prosecutors general on temporary assignment. These deputy prosecutors general may be assisted by state prosecutors [articles 8(1/a), 19(1/b), 20, 172 of the Statute of the Public Prosecution Service/SPPS; 51, 52(2) of the SATC].

The co-ordination of the PPS’s representation at the SATC is ensured by one of the deputy prosecutors general nominated by the Prosecutor General every two years [article 20(3) of the SPPS].


Co-ordInator: José Francisco Gomes Veras, deputy prosecutor general


Rua de São Pedro de Alcântara, n.ºs 75/79, 1269-137 Lisboa
Telephone: (351) 213 216 252
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