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Preceding Prosecutors General

What outstanding personalities and witty minds have left their unmistakable print in this institution! Through the years — as a former Prosecutor General once remarked — the Prosecutor General’s Office has been enriched with the contribution of highly prestigious and exquisite persons of irrefutable proficiency in such fields as law science, higher education lecturing and politics, whose personal virtues attained the highest level a human being may aspire to


The first Prosecutor General for the Crown was Justice Baptista Felgueiras, who was vested in the powers in 1883.


He was followed by:

Dias de Oliveira
Aguiar Ottolini
(1838-1844 and 1838-1844)
Corrêa de Lacerda
Pereira Guimarães
Almeida e Brito



In 1869 the post was given the official name of Prosecutor General for the Crown and Treasury.


The first holder of the renamed post was Justice Martens Ferrão (1868-1886).




He was followed by:

Cardozo Avelino
Adriano Machado
Hintze Ribeiro
Sequeira Pinto
António Cândido

Still, a reformulation of the name of the post became inevitable after the proclamation of the Republic.

The first Prosecutor General of the Republic was Justice Manuel de Arriaga (1910-1911).



He was followed by the Justices:

Azevedo e Silva
Francisco Góis
Francisco Caeiro
Furtado dos Santos (1969-1974) Pinheiro Farinha
Arala Chaves
Cunha Rodrigues
Souto de Moura
Pinto Monteiro
Joana Marques Vidal


Justice Lucília Maria das Neves Franco Morgadinho Gago took the office of Prosecutor General on 12 October 2018.