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Prosecutor General

The office of Prosecutor General («Procurador-Geral da República»/PGR) — the sole Public Prosecutor subject to nomination by the political power —is based on the trust granted by both the President of the Republic and the Government: his or her appointment and removal from office are incumbent on the former upon proposal of the latter [article 133(m) of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and article 175(1) of the Statute of the Public Prosecution Service/SPPS). The choice of the person suitable for the office is neither limited to a particular recruitment area, nor does it have to abide by specific training requirements.

During his or her six-year tenure of office [article 220(3) of the CPR, article 175(2) of the SPPS] the Prosecutor General is entrusted with powers to lead, to oversee, to represent and to implement (article 19 of the SPPS). Furthermore, she is assisted and substituted by the Vice-Prosecutor General (article 20(1) of the SPPS).

The Prosecutor General’s substitution at the Supreme Court of Justice, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Administrative Court and the Court of Audit is ensured by deputy prosecutors general (article 20(2) of the SPPS).

The PGR is assisted by his or her advisory staff (article 19(6)(7) of the SPPS).

The PGR is granted the same rank, treatment and honours as those of the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, and s/he uses the same professional attire (article 110(1) of the SPPS).


The office has been held by Justice Lucília Gago since 12 October 2018.