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Supreme Court of Justice

The Supreme Court of Justice/SCJ is the highest body in the hierarchy of the courts of law, without prejudice to the specific competence of the Constitutional Court [articles 210 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic/CPR; 31 of the Law on the Judicial System Organisation/Law No. 62/2013 of 26 August 2013].

Having its seat in Lisbon, the SCJ’s powers extend throughout the territory. It is composed of sections dealing with civil, criminal and social matters, as well as one section for trial of appeals lodged against decisions taken by the High Council of the Judiciary [articles 45, 43(1), 47(1), (2) of Law No. 62/2013 of 26 August 2013].

The Supreme Court of Justice staff comprises 60 Justices, to which add 4 military judges ‑ one per each branch of the Armed Forces and one for the National Republican Guard (schedule I of Decree-Law No, 49/2014 of 27 March 2014).

The Public Prosecution Service/PPS is represented at the Supreme Court of Justice by the Prosecutor General, who may be assisted and substituted by the Vice-Prosecutor General and by 8 deputy prosecutors general on temporary assignment. These deputy prosecutors general are assisted by advisers – who are also public prosecutors [articles 8(1/a), 19(1/b), 20, 172 of the Statute of the Public Prosecution Service/SPPS; 10(1/a), 66(2) of Law No. 62/2013 of 26 August 2013; schedule V of Decree-Law 49/2014 of 27 March 2014; Law No. 2/98 of 8 January 1998].

The co-ordination of the PPS representation at the SCJ is ensured by one of the deputy prosecutors general nominated by the Prosecutor General every two years [article 20(3) of the SPPS].


Co-ordinatorJosé Fernando Duarte da Silva, deputy prosecutor general


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