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National Coordination Offices

The National Coordination Offices have the task of promoting the articulation at national level of the Public Prosecution Service activity, with a view to an integrated and harmonized intervention within the scope of their attributions in the different jurisdictions (article 55(1) of the Statute of the Public Prosecution Service/SPPS).

It is responsible for giving effect to the statutory duties provided for in article 55 of the SPPS:

Propose, to the Prosecutor General, directives, instructions and guidance in the specific areas of his intervention;

 Promote the standardization of the activity of public prosecutors, in particular by developing manuals, protocols and guides to good practice;

 Promote the establishment of public prosecutors networks and contact points;

 Monitor the existing networks in the various organs of the Public Prosecution Service, with the ability to participate in their meetings and promote alignment of conclusions;

 Identify training needs and propose specific training programs;

 Ensure the exchange of information and articulation between networks;

 Provide legal support to prosecutors, collect and process legal information, conduct studies and disseminate information to the Public Prosecution Service.

They are led by a deputy prosecutors general or a state prosecutor, and other deputy prosecutors general and state prosecutors are also assigned to the National Coordination Offices (articles 55(4) and 168 of the SPPS).

The creation of these offices, proposed by the Prosecutor General, is made by the High Council of the Public Prosecution Service.