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Technical Advisory Unit

It is incumbent on the Technical Advisory Unit/TAU to ensure the rendering of technical assistance and advice to the Prosecutor General's Office and, in general, to the Public Prosecution Service on economic, financial, banking and accounting matters, as well as on the securities market [article 49(1) of the Statute of the Public Prosecution Service/SPPS].

Having been set up by Law No. 1/97 of 16 January 1997, which also governs its operation, the TAU enjoys technical and scientific autonomy.

It is led by a co-ordinator appointed by the Prosecutor General of the Republic [article 2(5) of Law No. 1/97 of 16 January 1997].

TAU staff includes 10 experts with scientific training and professional experience required to fulfil their tasks [article 2(1) of Law No. 1/97 of 16 January 1997].

It is granted technical and administrative support by justice officials or by officials pertaining to the criminal police bodies’ staff (article 25 of Decree-Law No. 333/99 of 20 August 1999).


Co-ordinator: Sérgio Rua Machado


Rua do Vale de Pereiro n.º 2 - 2.º, 1269-113 Lisboa
Telephone: (351) 213 820 396/7
Fax: (351) 213 847 030