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Family, Children and Youth Office

The Family, Children and Youth Office was created on November 8, 2017, by order of the Prosecutor General and in her direct dependence, and is seat in the Prosecutor General's Office.

Children and young people are creditors of the right to protection by the society and the state, with a view to their integral development and well-being, and their protection is an unavoidable repercussion in the society and calls for particular attention.

The constitutional and legal powers conferred on the Public Prosecution Service in the field of the promotion and defence of the rights of children and young people require specialization of knowledge and presuppose interdisciplinarity and articulation with other bodies and institutions, as well as with other jurisdictions that are linked to Family and Minors, such as criminal jurisdiction, in an integrated approach to phenomena.

Recognizing the relevance of the public interest of the prosecution's action in these areas, which is developed essentially in the jurisdiction of Family and Minors, we see the need to improve, deepen, streamline and encourage the respective functional exercise, a context that fits and guides the present structure.

The Office is led by a public prosecutor appointed by the Prosecutor General. It may be organized into a network of points of contact and other organizational models, so as to help the exchange of information and experience between public prosecutors and provide gains in their functional performance.


Director: Carlos Alberto dos Reis Rodrigues, State Prossecutor


Rua da Escola Politécnica, n.º 140, 1269-269 Lisboa-Portugall
Tel: 213 921 900
Fax: 213 975 255