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Co-ordinating Deputy Prosecutors General's Offices at the Central Administrative Courts

The administrative and tax courts are the sovereignty bodies entrusted with powers to implement justice in the disputes arising from the administrative and tax legal relations. It is incumbent on them to receive and judge upon cases the framework of which is provided for in the Administrative Courts Procedure Code.

The Central Administrative Courts (CACs) are placed at an intermediate level between the first instance courts (Administrative and Tax Courts/ATCs) and the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC), which is the highest hierarchical body nationwide.

The Central Administrative Court, which became operative on 15.09.1997, was later divided into two appellate courts: the Northern CAC (with seat in Porto) and the Southern CAC (with seat in Lisbon). These two courts became operative on 01.01.2004.

At the Central Administrative Courts the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) is represented by deputy prosecutors general, who may be assisted by district prosecutors [articles 4(1/b), 126 of the Statute of the Public Prosecution Service/SPPS; article 52 of the Statute of the Administrative and Tax Courts; Map III, Ministerial Order No. 2-A/2004 of 5 January 2004].

The services of the PPS at the CACs are led by the co-ordinating deputy prosecutors general, who are deemed equivalent to district deputy prosecutors.

It is incumbent on the co-ordinating deputy prosecutors general to lead and to co-ordinate the members of the PPS holding office at the courts within the respective jurisdictional area. Furthermore, it is incumbent on them to supervise the activities of these public prosecutors by granting them the requested institutional collaboration and by exercising the remaining functions as provided for by the law [articles 57(3), 58 of the SPPS].

The activities developed by the PPS herein extend over two separate areas, i.e. the administrative area and the tax area.