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District Deputy Prosecutors General's Offices

Placed immediately after the top body – i.e. the Prosecutor General’s Office ‑ within the hierarchical structure, each of the four District Deputy Prosecutors General’s Offices has its seat in the respective judicial districts (Lisboa, Porto, Coimbra, Évora), where the powers are exercised over the judicial counties that comprise each of them [articles 55(1) and 56 of the Statute of the Public Prosecution Service/SPPS, article 117(1), 4(2) and Schedule II, Decree‑Law No. 9/2014 of 27 March 2014].

Each District Deputy Prosecutors General’s Office is directed by a deputy prosecutor general, who becomes entitled District Deputy Prosecutor General [article 57(1) of the SPPS]. The District Deputy Prosecutor General, who is appointed by the High Council of the Public Prosecution Service, holds his or her office on temporary assignment [article 126 of the SPPS] and has the powers laid down in article 58(1) of the SPPS.

The District Deputy Prosecutor General and the deputy prosecutors general holding office at each District Deputy Prosecutors General’s Office may be assisted by district prosecutors [articles 55(2), 58(2), (3) and 59 of the SPPS].