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Inspection of the Public Prosecution Service

The Inspection of the Public Prosecution Service/PPS operates next to the High Council of the Public Prosecution Service [article 34(1) of the Statute of the Public Prosecution Service/SPPS], on which it is incumbent to carry out investigations and disciplinary proceedings and to collect information on the service and merit of public prosecutors, (article 35 of the SPPS).

It is composed of 15 inspectors and 15 inspection secretaries [article 34(2) of the SPPS; 2 of the Ministerial Decision No. 265/99 of 12 April 1999].

The Inspectors are appointed, on a temporary assignment, from among public prosecutors of a rank not less than that of district prosecutor, with a total length of service not less than ten years and, in case of public prosecutors who must be evaluated, with service evaluation of Very Good. They are entitled to remuneration corresponding to the rank of deputy prosecutor general (article 132 of the SPPS).

The Inspection Secretaries are recruited from among justice officials on a temporary assignment. If they are judicial or technical secretaries with the evaluation of Very Good, they are entitled to receive a salary corresponding to that of a secretary of a superior court [article 34(4), (5) of the SPPS].