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Information Systems Co-ordination Bureau

The Information Systems Co-ordination Bureau/ISCB is the governance and co-ordination structure of the Public Prosecution Service information technologies and systems.

The ISCB was set up by an Order dated 02.04.2013; its mission is to support the Prosecutor General’s Office by leading and co-ordinating the development, implementation and use of information and communication technologies  within PPS bodies, departments and services, thus ensuring a common strategic vision.

Changes in the scope of the justice information systems led to the total reconfiguration of the technological project of the Prosecutor General’s Office, which calls for the strengthening not only of a follow-up by the Prosecutor General but also of ISCB’s response capacity.

By means of an Order dated 04.06.2019, ISCB’s permanent structure was redefined so as to ensure the sustainability of the projects and the ability to implement and maintain the entire PPS information system.

The ISCB is led by a public prosecutor nominated by the Prosecutor General.


Co-ordinator: Rui Manuel de Jesus Batista, District Prosecutor



Rua do Vale de Pereiro, n.º 2 - 3.º,  1269-113 Lisboa