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Collective and Diffuse Interests Unit

The defence of collective and diffuse interests, in particular that of values and property constitutionally protected such as public health, environment, town planning, territorial planning, quality of life, cultural heritage and others, constitutes the core of the Public Prosecution Service/PPS powers, constitutionally enshrined.

Due to the public interest of which the PPS activities are embodied and having in mind the need to improve, to enhance, to boost and to encourage its response capacity, an Order dated 20.01.2014 set up the Collective and Diffuse Interests Unit with the mission to give support to the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The Unit, the organisation of which may contemplate a network of contact points or other models, is coordinated by a Public Prosecutor appointed by the Prosecutor General.


Co-ordinator: João Alves, district prosecutor



Rua da Escola Politécnica, n.º 140, 1269-269 Lisboa – Portugal
Telephone: (351) 213 921 900
Fax: (351) 213 975 255