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Welcoming Remarks

6 Oct 2016


The Public Prosecution Service portal is a relevant tool allowing communication with the community in general and with each and every one of its citizens. Information on the nature, the characteristics, the organisational structure and the powers constitutionally granted to this magistracy is deemed to be a priority, while the report on the activities developed by the PPS bodies within the various jurisdictions plays a crucial role in the accountability process by which we are all bound. 

The Public Prosecution Service has been granted special responsibilities in the defence of the democratic legality, in the carrying out of prosecutions and in the defence of the citizens’ rights, in particular the most vulnerable ones. Being a magistracy with power of initiative and that is hierarchically structured, the Public Prosecution Service is further entrusted with the promotion of the citizen’s equality before the law. 

However, the effective exercise of the rights depends strongly on how much its members are duly aware thereof and on the actual conditions needed for their implementation. 

The information contained in this portal covers the entire structure of the Public Prosecution Service, as well as the full range of the matters it is empowered to deal with. In this sense, the portal is construed as the Public Prosecution Service contribution towards both the right to information and the promotion of the citizen’s access to justice. 

Dependence on the persons to whom its activities are directed shall always be the Public Prosecution Service distinctive mark. 

The assessment of both quality and practicality of this portal shall be largely made by those who accede to this page and by the use given to it. 

For that reason too, your visit deserves our special thanks!  


Justice Joana Marques Vidal 

Prosecutor General of the Republic