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Legal Auditors

A legal auditor is a public prosecutor who renders legal consultation and support to the Government, to the Assembly of the Republic and to the Representative of the Republic for the Autonomous Regions [articles 44(1), 45(1) of the Statute of the Public Prosecution Service/SPPS].

This post is assigned on a voluntary basis.

Legal auditors are appointed by the High Council of the Public Prosecution Service on a temporary assignment from among deputy prosecutors general, or on promotion from among district prosecutors [articles 27(a), 44(2), 124 of the SPPS].

Where consultations are being discussed in relation to the Assembly of the Republic or to ministries in which the legal auditors are carrying out duties, they take part in the meetings of the Consultative Council of the Prosecutor General's Office, with right to vote [article 45(2), (3), (4) of the SPPS].

Legal auditors may combine their functions with those assigned to them by the Prosecutor General in the scope of the PPS powers which, by law, do not belong to specific bodies [article 44(3) of the SPPS].

The costs incurred with the Legal Auditors are borne by specific funds included in the budget of the Ministry of Justice [article 44(4) of the SPPS].