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Family, Children and Youth Bureau

The promotion and defence of child and youth rights built on the principles enshrined in the international instruments binding the Portuguese State and of those laid down in the domestic law constitute an issue of unavoidable repercussion on the social fabric, which claims our very best attention.

The right to protection by the society and by the State is due to children and young people, in view of their full development and well-being.

The constitutional and legal powers granted to the Public Prosecution Service in that domain require specialised know-how and presuppose interdisciplinary and coordination with other bodies and institutions, as well as with jurisdictions that operate in connection with to the Family and Children jurisdiction – such as the criminal jurisdiction – in an integrated approach to the phenomena, in particular where these phenomena are likely to cause multiple interventions.

The key role played by the Public Prosecution Service in those areas- in particular in Family and Children matters - is undeniable, although the functional exercise thereof needs to be improved, deepened, energised and encouraged.

The Bureau, the organisation of which may contemplate a network of contact points or other models, is coordinated by a Public Prosecutor appointed by the Prosecutor General.


Co-ordinator: Helena Gonçalves, Public Prosecutor



Rua da Escola Politécnica, n.º 140, 1269-269 Lisboa-Portugall
Tel: 213 921 900
Fax: 213 975 255